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Warren's Live Concert Video and CDR Trading


    Welcome.  I am interested in trading videos and cdr's of live concerts.  I'm new to trading so I have no references.  Because of this I am willing to send first in any trade as long as you have references.  If you have no references I would rather you send first if you proposed the trade.  I don't really care what brand of media you prefer to use as long as it is a brand name.  If you have any preference in media that you would like to receive or any other special requests (don't write on the label etc...) feel free to ask and I'll do my best to accommodate.  The band I am mostly interested in is The Misfits, but I will rarely turn down a trade for most punk, rock, or metal bands.  I am also willing to trade 2CD's for Videos.  Please no rap.  All the information I have about the recordings is given.  The Metallica recordings will all be rated soon, I have yet to sit down and listen to them all again to rate them.  Also the tracklists for the Metallica recordings and the Kid Rock Woodstock '99 recording will be posted shortly.  If You see anything you want to trade for then email me at


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